Wednesday, October 27, 2010


They loaded up on their tricycles and were off to the Neighborhood Cul-de-Sac Party!
It didn't take long to find the sweets! That was dinner that night I belive.
We pulled last year's costume out for Addie which fit her perfectly and Carter opted for Cousin Marshall's Transformer costume.

I told Addie this is the only time she is allowed to be a big "bow head," as she gave me a BIG cheerleader SMILE!
The kids broke up by age group for a costume contest. Our good friend Amelia won it this year for 3 and under! ;)
Our super sweet friend Barrett or rather IRON MAN!!!!
My definition of Super Mom - Diane! Look closely!!! 3 KIDS AND a WAGON FULL OF ADULT BEVERAGES she is pulling closely behind! She has it down to a fine science.

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