Sunday, October 24, 2010

I'd Like To Introduce To You...

Miss Minnie Mouse and Spiderman!
My idea of coordinating outfits died when my idea of a family Batman Character Halloween diminished when Carter tried on Spiderman last August (yes I said August) and he looked SOOOOO CUTE! Batgirl just didn't do Addie justice so she choose her VERY FAVORITE show - Mickey Mouse Club House's Minnie Mouse!
Carter had a blast picking out our pumpkins, our annual tradition we had been waiting patiently for this weekend.
Addie was confident in her pumpkin choice.
Easton (6 mo), Ella & Addie (both almost 2.5 yrs) and Carter (almost 4)
The San Antonio Express newspaper was on my left taking this shot for the paper... hopefully we will know if it gets printed... keep your eyes out!
So even though Catwoman, Bat Girl, Batman and The Joker didn't get to make a family experience, I think this Halloween season is going to be a blast. The kids have FOUR more opportunites to wear their costumes in the next week!
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