Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Forget "Spring" Cleaning....

I'll take fall cleaning any day!!!! (especially when it's my husband's idea!) After work Friday, he came home and decided to build a shelf in our garage and threw it down in about an hour and a half before dinner. (I do rent him out for $100 bucks an hour.) ;)
There are only a handful of reasons we would even think about moving houses in the future and one of the TOP 5 is wanting a 3 car garage (for storage not a 3rd car). Since that is a ridiculous reason to move out of the a house and neighborhood we love so much, we decided to remedy it ourselves! This was our improptu Friday/Saturday project together. I was THRILLED beyond words because I reclaimed my guest bedroom that had been filled with 2 TRICYCLES, a HUGE RED WAGON, a SCOOTER and BICYCLE! MEME... your bedroom is a bedroom again when you get here this weekend!

So this other project all started a few weeks ago when we finally broke down and bought a professional grade bush whacker. Blake had borrowed a nice new regular one and felt afterwards that he was about to burn it out with the amount and thickness of bushes we have now. So with some award prize money I had won through some work contests, we purchased Blake's dream bush whacker. OMG... I didn't see my husband for the week after he got it. Every time we had a moment of down time (ie. the kids were napping on the weekend or right after they had gone to bed in the evenings,) he was outside shaping the bushes.... it got to be pretty comical.
Great job honey!

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