Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Corn Maize... What A Day!!

The Jumping Pop Corn Pillow was THE HIGHLIGHT just like last year!
We were so thrilled when last minute Kelly and Drew were able to join us and the night before we discovered Julie and kids were planning a trip!
And you guessed... since I am the "Queen of Reminiscing..." (2008 vs. 2010)
Above, totally unplanned, I promise! Below... my INCREDIBLE step-sister Julie!
The Barrel Tractor ride hadn't changed a bit from last year! These 2 year olds insisted the SCARECROW was HUNGRY!!!
Addie loved the corn air gun that shot the corn 100 feet!
After several hours and Blake and the kids getting lost in the 7 acre corn maize, it was time to go home and take a 3 hour nap for ALL of us!


Emily Suzanne said...

This looks sooo fun! I've officially found your blog and love all the pics! What kindof camera do you have? Is this the one in Hondo?

The Perkins Family said...

great first picture of you and the kids! Is that editing, or just your good lens?

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