Sunday, October 31, 2010

Carving "A" Pumpkin!

We decided not to get in over our heads and just do one official pumpkin carving this year! I found this Disney Princess stencil set for 0.50 cents last year after Halloween so we brought it out! There were 3 steps just to get started carving. Carter helped daddy with the initial stencil, ensuring he had his placement just right.
As the time went on, the toddlers got a little bored and slightly mischievous (by looking at their faces below) and decided to explore a little.
We were laughing hysterically when without knowing, Addie went inside, got the silver already cut out Jack-O-Lantern from the coffee table, brought it outside and said, "Look daddy, mine is already cut," as she tried to put the real pumpkin lid on top. Too funny.
Addie couldn't stop smiling when she saw it at night all lit up.
Good job dad... your hard work and diligence paid off and the Cinderella castle looks perfect!

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