Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pillow Talk

Ever since Carter saw his coustin Marshall's fancy pillow at the lake a couple of months ago he has mentioned having his own pillow. Since he does sleep soundly on one every night combined with the fact that we do seem to travel a bunch, I thought it was time for them to have their own pillows that they each could pick out. I thought about making the simple little things but when I thought about my already insaine section of "nice to do's" on my already completly filled, typed, font sized 10, back and front To-Do List, I thought I may have some other better places, personally, for my time.... :) But we did go together to THE PILLOW STORE as Carter now calls BED BATH & BEYOND and they picked out their own pillow and protective case, such a big deal to toddlers! They also did choose the color and style of the case and were so excited this last week when they finally arrived in the mail!
I am thinking it a win win, as I will more than likely get to use one during long drives in the car!

1 comment:

The Perkins Family said...

In that first picture, they look JUST alike! look at their faces!!

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