Thursday, August 12, 2010

More Summer Fun!

This might sum it up... lots of water time and Popsicles. We are averaging about 10-12 hours in the pool each week and loving every second!
Carter got the meet the Spurs Coyote but more importantly the Spurs Coyote got to meet a future Spurs basketball player. ;)
The kids and I packed up for a morning at Sea World this past weekend, I let them look at the map and decided any where they wanted to go....
Of course, they chose the water.
Sunday night, we got a special treat and got to have pizza at the pool with YaYa and MeMa and show off all their new swimming under the water tricks!
Like I said, it really does seem like WATER has taken over EVERY aspect of our lives this summer and we LOVE it!

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