Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Kids' First Bar Complete With LIve Music & Slushes!

After all our exploration, we decided to cool off with a cold slushy. It is truly a breath of fresh air to see the difference in the people of Port Aransas. Blake didn't have cash on him for the slushies and the man told Blake not to worry about it. After Blake ran to the nearest ATM and took the man the money he owed him, the guy was seriously shocked that Blake really went all the way to the ATM to get money for him. It happened with Kelly and I the night before while we were picking up some dinner as well! I doubt if the antidepressant market it too big in Port Aransas, TX.. it doesn't seem like they worry about too much at all! :)
This tonight, we will remember forever. The kids were both in GREAT moods after 4 hour naps. I wanted to go explore Port Aransas as I remembered it as a child and we stumbled across this amazing out door place next to Woody's. The band was doing a sound check and the kids were fascinated with them and loved making up as many games as we could including the bar favorite that had all the other guests entertained with C & A dropping a fishing line weight through the hole in the center of the table and getting it to land in the PVC pipe below... only in Port A right?!?

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Gililland's Island said...

I have such great memories of going to Port A with you ... especially getting to drive the jeep around the island, even though we weren't actually old enough!
Thanks for reminding me of this! Hope you are doing well!
love ya,

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