Friday, July 23, 2010

Vegas - Alli and Kelli

A handful of the memories when we are 80 and old (good thing we have Kelli's memory):
*i'm just packing a pair of flip flops and 1 other pair of shoes and probably carrying on*the man under the waterfall*disclosing our inner most secrets to the 60 year old women from washington state*kir royales*the dental student waitress*alla, guy and monty a.k.a blake*antonio, we will be your money managers*steve (kelli's dad,) lori & jim*late night pizza place*i really love red pepper*lookin' for ice*no rich people allowed on this floor*the only ones in vegas up at 8am*searching the wynne for coffee in our glasses, pj's and no makeup*carrot top or love*we were proud to be the girls at the european pool with the most clothes on*are we worse than the guys?*sam, dre and jay*champagne delivery*the fun cabana*the big straw hat*finally in the pool*taking time to smell the flowers on the way up to the room*each had our own way of getting it together and ready for dinner and the show*mellow dinner at sushi zamba*you either peak in high school or you peak in life*fun show at treasure island - love with the beatles* someone took a little nap*late night pizza place (again)*swiss guy at the table*we actually made ourselves sleep until 9*mommy time out wine*last time at the table with the dealer that loved to tell stories.

So... since I didn't have the blog 12 years ago when I first met thesetwo lovely ladies during rush when we all 3 pledged Kappa, I had fun tonight looking back through boxes and boxes of pictures and reminiscing our first nights together. I never knew back in 1998 which of these 2 girls would I live with for 2 years and have in my wedding 7 years later.
Oh, but let's not just stop at 2005... let's go back to when it all began... in the rooms of Texas A&M's Mosher Hall.
Nearly 4 years later (and 9 years ago) in a cab, Alli and I together in New York City!
Kelli and I 11 years ago... wow... look at those socks!
2004 all together again in College Station where I was living (right after Kelli moved to Boston!)

 In the fall of 2004, we all met up again in Boston to visit Kelli.

2005 Alli's Wedding and Bachellorette Party in South Beach!

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