Friday, June 18, 2010

Carter at 3 1/2!

Today, my sweet Carter, you are 3.5 years old. Where has time gone? I know we say this all the time but you are truly amazing and so sweet natured. You are the "mother hen" always watching over over Addie and her younger friends. Your patience level at this age blows mine at 30 years old, out of the water!
You can swing by yourself on the big  boy swing as well as hang from the monkey bars... (thank goodness you still needs a little help getting across.)
You are an absolute delight at this age. Your personality as a sweet, kind and super considerate child continues to strengthen on a weekly basis. Your daddy and I could not be prouder as your parents. You continue to be the rule follower, the child I never have to worry about running in the street, walking across a neighbor's lawn or putting up any kind of fight to go to bed. You finally, over the last 5-6 months, wake up in the BEST moods and we don't have to worry about the horrible mood you would be in after nap!
You set the most amazing standard as a big brother to Addie. Carter, as we tell you everyday, Addie learns EVERYTHING through you. If you decide to eat with a fork instead of a spoon, that is what she wants. If you wear Wiggles PJ's to bed, that is what she wants. If you go upstairs to play, she follows. I f you get in your car seat quickly, she does. We are so thankful that we have YOU to be Addie's big brother and constant teacher.
You continue to be super curious at this age, asking really good questions. You are obsessed with bugs... well, you really don't like to touch them but you ALWAYS know where they are!

Other things to remember at 3 1/2:
Shoe size: 9M-9.5M
Shirt size - can fit into most 4T
Pants: mostly 3T but some 2T still fit around you little waist
Best buds: Cash McPeak, Andrew (who just moved away)
Books: The Ball Book (Aut Hey Hey and Chris gave you for your 3rd bday)
When I ask who your girlfriend is, you say: "Emma"
You just moved to your new class - Ms. Nancy's this week.
Eating: will eat anything mostly
Rewards: getting to wear basketball shorts, your Nike shoes, lollipop
Loves: the pool and swimming, new bug house and catching equipment Aunt Erin got you. You love to watch TV (Toy Story is your newest one this week)
Dislikes: bugs that are too close
Funny Things: still like to sleep with random objects at night - a ball, bracelet, any little prize you got from the "prize box"
Behavior at 3.5: Really good overall, you occasionally (1X week on average will pull a card at school for not listening or getting frustrated when a friend isn't listening to you and hit them.) When you are tired with no nap, you tend to get frustrated and cry for silly reasons. You fully understand that what mommy and daddy say, we do follow through with 100 percent of the time and not to test us.
You say now that you want to have your 4th birthday party at "gym," where there is a Styrofoam pit.

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