Monday, June 28, 2010

And These Are Only A Handful Of The Outfits!

I can't belive it has been exactly a year ago since the last "lake photo shoot" with these 2!
Outfit 1: The fun, go any where, coordinating, but not "too matchy" tank!
Outfit 2: The adorable hand painted shirts from Addie's MeMe.
Outfit 3: The statement piece... a crown for our 2 angels!
Outfit 4: The must have at least one matching swim suit each summer.
Outfit 5: The matching "BEST FRIEND" under ware.
Outfit 6: The quintessential white summer dress from Ella's MeMe.

Outfit 7: The funny best friend T-shirt! (one of at least 3!)
Outfit 8: The perfect lake matching outfit... life jackets for the water!

1 comment:

alicia/brandon said...

very cute! the first picture with them in their crowns...Addie looks JUST LIKE YOU!!!! precious! :)

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