Monday, May 24, 2010

Then and Now

Beach - A Year Ago and Now
I love reflecting how how much my babies change in just a year's time. It is simply amazing yet bittersweet. Being back at the same place allows me to compare and it makes it quite fun. Here are a few of my favorites...
The main reason this trip was so incredible was it was just so laid back and easy... simple and fun... 2 things I want to get back to more with my family.
Tons of good ol' sand castle building.
We would even do "dinner time" snacks on the beach just to be able... have later dinners in the front yard...  
As Type A and planned as I am in 80 percent of my life, these are the laid back and impromptu coastal weekend memories I had growing up and I want to make sure that I am giving them to Carter and Addie. 
We will be back soon. :)

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