Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend - Classic Lake Weekend

We can't quite put our finger on why this was such an extremely great weekend because we always have an amazing time while at the lake. However, these are just a few of the memories we want to keep close to our hearts.
One of my Top 10 pictures of ALL TIMES... 
It definitely could be, in part, due to the simple things like wagon rides and straw hats.
Just maybe it was the fact that all clocks and computers were traded in for blow up pools!
Perhaps, long hour rides on the boat every evening & hour long Sea Doos rides every day.
Maybe it was the fun we had with the littlest things like shucking corn?
Possibly it was dying of laughter with the fact that Carter is obsessed with wearing anything and everything Spider Man however deathly afraid of tiny & harmless spiders on the boat dock?!?
Conceivably it could be the simple things we enjoyed together as a family like "Ring Around The Rosie" until everyone was laughing uncontrollably after we "fell down" each time.
For all one knows, it could have been the millions of bubbles we made this weekend. Bubbles just have a way of bringing smiles to every one's face.
As the case may be, I definitely think it's the fact that we are away from the stress of everyday life with nothing to take our attention away from one another.
Happy Memorial Day.

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The Nash Family said...

WOW, incredible pics... you really have that eye in photography!!

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