Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Letter to Addie From Your Daddy

Addie Girl,

I can honestly say that you have the best mom and I have the most wonderful wife in the world as this is my first post ever, but I wanted to express how much the last 2 years have meant to me.

Let me start of by stating "You are my little girl", but you will always be "my baby" for the rest of my life.

I have to be honest, you have been one honery littly girl, and I don't expect, nor want, that to change. You keep your mother, your brother, and I on our toes at all times, and it makes life so exciting. Even at the young age of two I already know you will be successful in whatever you do because you are determined, strong willed, and so darn cute. I only ask that you continue to have the relationship you cherish at this age with your "bubba" as you grow older.

It is so funny how at the time parents are so concerned about how "hard" it is with a baby, but I guarantee you ask that same parent 2 years down the road about their child and they don't recall any of those difficult times. I remember a few, but a distant memory to the positives:

  • ADDIE, I faintly remember a few of those long nights, but I will always remember your smile in the morning and you saying "DADDA."
  • ADDIE, I will always remember how you loved the dogs so much, but didn't quite know how to express it(they still run when they hear or see you coming.)
  • ADDIE, I love watching you interact with Carter (Bubba.) It is simply the best.
  • ADDIE, the curls.
    I can't tell you how many times in your first year of life my heart ached as I held you, rocked you, walked you, caressed you, and patted you late at night while you were crying (for what reason your mother and I have yet to put a finger on for certain), but I can honestly say "I loved it", because you are "My baby."

    In the recent months you have grown up so much, and while I cherish it, I don't want you to grow up so fast, but I promise I will enjoy every moment of it.


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