Friday, May 28, 2010

How Many Ways Can Addie Celebrate Being 2?!?!

It all officially started the night before with an early Happy Birthday Cupcake with Carter and Cousin Carson. I was looking back at your 1st birthday DAY last year and had fun watching the vidoes of you as a baby.
One of many chocolate cupcakes this week.
Our family tradition is that the birthday girl gets to choose whatever breakfast she wants and we all, as a family, fix it for her.  This year Addie chose her favorite scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuits. Yum Yum!
Then she got to open the present her Bubba got for her...
After breakfast, Cousin Carson and Cali as well as Ella met us at Kiddie Park for a fun filled birthday morning!
When we got to school later that day, there was this sign welcoming Addie on the front door... it feels like it was just yesterday, we walked into see this one. Addie brought chocolate chip muffins as a snack for all her friends to celebrate the BIG "2"!
Just a few hours later, we all met up again at BIGZ to have a great summer dinner.
Addie and Ella broke into the blocked off area and this is what I discovered when I found them. And then YES... MORE CUPCAKES! That is 3 servings in  less than 20 hours and she still hadn't even been to her birthday party.
Addie got her dream present by having not 1 BUT 2 newborns to give attention to...
The icing on the cake was that her B.F.F. was in the most affecionate mood for her birthday and wanted to kiss, hug and hold Addie's hand non-stop!
Happy 2nd birthday our sweet girl... what a great day it was and what an even more amazing year it will be, no doubt!

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