Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally... Pool Time!

I can already see the nightly routine forming, going to the pool this year. Just this last week, we have had so many fun nights! I can't believe we were worried about buying this house directly next to the neighborhood pool just 5 years ago... now I can't imagine life without it right there. On most evenings, it is our own private pool, and occasionally, we get to hang out with some super cool neighbors.
On even more of an incredible note, both Addie and Carter have already blown our expectations out of the water on what they were doing in the water already! By the third visit, Carter was swimming the width of the pool and back with almost no help. What a big difference from last summer, when he wouldn't even put his head near the water, much less, leave the baby pool or top step of the big pool.
Addie and Carter patiently wait each other's turn, as the big pool is still about 5 degrees too cool for me!
Dad showing off.


The Dieckmans said...

You brave souls! You gotta love how children can ignore the frigidity of the pool temp and still have fun!

alicia/brandon said...

we are on our way :)

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