Thursday, May 6, 2010

Family Night With George!

Mom and Joe surprised us all with tickets to the big George Strait concert this past weekend.
Reba McEntire put on the most entertaining show and Colleen and I were belting out all the 1980's and 90's hits like we were still in highschool!!! It was so much fun and brought back SOOOO many memories!
With the Alamodome packed with 55,000 fans, we were so lucky to have 54,950 of them behind us as I was beyond shocked when we got to our seats on the 5th row in the dead center of the stage. It was so incredible to be able to make eye contact with each performer and see their every move and every thing that they whispered to their band.... such a great experience (Except when we had to allow all 54,950 of then out before us!)
As Julie said, our "Party Pics" shots. Aunt Carol was my date for the night while Blake was in Canada for work. 
Thanks mom and Joe for such a fun afternoon and night with all 16 of us!

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