Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Cool Cousins" - Summer Visit From The Nash's

What a great week it was! These 3 are awesome together and this pictures does a perfect job reflecting how much fun we had all week!
Carter was so incredible with Carson at the zoo taking time to show him everything he was already familiar with.
The pool was filled with more cousin exploration.
Sweet Meme was in heaven.
Kiddie Park was a blast and Carson fed off Addie's knowledge with the park and he blew us away at how "up for anything" he was on his very first visit!
Carter and Addie was so incredibly blessed to have their Aunt Hey-Hey and Uncle Chris... they are absolutely incredible role models. Uncle Chris is the world's best at bringing hands down THE BIGGEST smiles to both of them, whether it's "high-five... low five... too slow" for Addie or talking in a super funny way with Carter, he has such a gift. And Aunt Hey Hey, the world's most patient, calm and amazing mom and aunt. She always puts the kids first and they see how much she loves them.
Any opportunity these two had to be together last week, they were! Talk about "2 Peas in a Pod..."

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