Sunday, May 16, 2010

Carter's "Growing Up Celebration!"

Carter's school did a big celebration last week for all the "older" kids that maybe moving up to Pre-K or Kindergarden. I'm not quite sure how Carter's class was involved since all of them are under 4 years old but who's complaining about a a fun reason to dress up and celebrate and as Carter says, "become a big boy!"
I told him not to get used to putting on a cap and gown like this every year. I want, at least at minimum, the 2 times he puts one on for high school and college graduations to have special meaning to it! ;) Oh, and this picture below is HISTORIC! The first picture I have of the two of  my babies looking directly IN the camera, HOLDING HANDS and smiling REAL SMILES!!!!!
Carter danced his heart out to 4 songs while one stage. He took it so seriously and stared at the teachers in front for their direction the entire performance.
Look at those 6 girls work it in the center!
Carter and his teacher, Mrs. Sandy and of course, Cash!
We are so proud of you Carter Brown in the little boy you are right now and the man you are becoming.

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Travis Krug said...

I love his big boy blazer!

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