Friday, May 7, 2010

Carter Playing Soccer For His #1 Fan.

Addie enjoying the game and Carter getting a little pep talk from Meme during half time.
CARTER'S STRENGTH at less than 3 1/2 years old is definitely understanding the idea of stopping the ball when the other team in dribbling down field and turning it around to go towards his goal. His BIGGEST OPPORTUNITY being again the youngest player on the team is his speed to be able to stay with the ball once he has turned it around. Since majority of his teammates are a full year older than him, they are all about 4-6 inches taller and therefore right now a little faster!  
We whole heartily believe that Carter playing with kids so much older will pay off for him in the long run as he is 100 percent engaged in the game at all times and has not once gotten frustrated with himself. I can't say the same about myself while watching Carter do all the hard work of turning the ball around and getting it almost to the goal to have his own teammates repeatedly steal the ball last minute (dozens and dozens of time per game) and score the goal. But I am learning not to take it personally and am realizing at this age, Carter is loving it so much and it doesn't bother him so why should it bother me, right?!?!
At the end of each game, they get to go through the tunnel of parents. Carter stopped here to check out the pretty ladies!

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