Saturday, May 29, 2010

Candy Party Fun!!!

With 2 party girls, we kept the party to our families and just 2 little close friends from their day care class. Even with that, I think we had close to 40 people. It was a perfect morning and did get warm fast. Addie and Ella's 2nd birthday was sure a day we will never forget!
Ya Ya, Addie and Mema and the 2 proud dads.
"Jack Nikki" even made a appearance for the girls' big day. Aunt Danielle came to celebrate with Addie.
MeMe came all the way in from Tyler for the special birthday event and did so much to help out the entire weekend.
Aunt Carol was ready to have some fun.
There was lots of time for playing on the roller coaster, one of the best toys we own.
As always, the bounce house was a total hit!
MeMe, YaYa and Grandpa surprised Addie with this adorable play house that was a HUGE hit at the party with ALL the kids.
Addie and their good friend Ella Madrid playing in the house together.
After lots of playing, everyone worked up a BIG appetite and enjoyed all the yummy food. Addie even got a rare treat - all you can drink lemonade.
One of my favorite pictures of the day...
Addie lounging... waiting for some more lemonade!
After everyone was recharged with the food, it was DANCE TIME, we had several songs ready like "Lolli Pop Lolli Pop!", "Candy Girl" and the theme from Greece - "We Go Together..." All the kids and adults had fun dancing. I have some videos I will post soon.
It was then time for CAKE! Each girl had their own cupcake tower and their own big cupcake cake to blow candles out.
After cake time, it was PINATA TIME! Each child pulled a string until Ella pulled the final string and the door opened and all the yummy treats fell out.
Everyone took time to take a inventory of their loot.
Aunt Erin and Pops giving some special attention to the birthday girl.
Nice family picture with the kid's mouths FULL of candy! Hey, that's what it is all about at a candy party right?
Before everyone left, they got to load up their personalized pails at the CANDY TABLE. Carter made sure not to miss this.
Then it was time for kisses goodbye!
What a fun party it was!


Alison Madrid said...

What a great party and great pics! Ella had such a wonderful time! Email me if you have any more pics of the girls.

Jessica Tondre said...

Beautiful girls, beautiful party!

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