Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Addie's Top 10 At 2 Years Old: #2

#2. Dogs!!! (without a doubt)

From a very early age, Addie has been very dedicated to her own puppies. Her affinity for her 4 legged friends only seems to strengthen as the months pass by. She now will spot a dog in another car while we are driving, yelling "DOG' and pointing.  She knows all the dogs in the neighborhood and takes any and ALL opportunities to meet any new ones she comes across. She loves staring out the widow in the car and looking for dogs being walked. She is not intimidated with any dogs, even large ones and we are working on her learning to to ask permission first to approach and touch.  Recently we were at a friends for a play date and they had a large Doberman crated. She just excitedly ran over and stuck her whole hand inside in order to pet him. Of course, he was very good with children, but we do have a long way with Addie to teach her that not ALL dogs are as nice as Maverick and Smokey and allow her to literally hang on them. Perhaps she will be a future Veterinarian, like her Uncle Herb.


Jill said...

Can I just say this is by far the cutest wedgie I have EVER seen!!!!

dorisgold said...

Those pictures could absolutely win contests. SO DARN CUTE!

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