Monday, May 17, 2010

Addie's Top 10 at 2: #10, #9, & #8

Addie is quickly approaching the final hours of her second year.

I have done the same posts with Carter the last 2 birthdays - 2  years & 3 years. This is one of my favorite posts to do each year for the kids because it makes it so easy to remember a lot of the little things. So here it goes, it's time to take a "snap shot" of Addie Brown as she completes her second year of life, her favorite things and all the noteworthy passions of this particular amazing 2 year old.

#10 - MEME
Addie is blessed to have 6 amazingly special grandparents however one stands out at this age, probably due to the fact that she gets to spend 3 1/2 full days with her every 4-6 weeks when MeMe makes the long 6 hour trip to San Antonio to see the kids. She is so dedicated to all of her grandkids and Addie is especially dedicated to her at this age. MeMe's name get's brought up in the house almost every day. It can be anytime it is time to go "potty," the kids get to choose between their potty and "Meme's Potty" a.k.a. the guest bathroom.  If anyone steps foot in our front guest bedroom, Carter and Addie are quick to tell them, "That is MeMe's bed!" She remembers every single little tiny toy and book she brings them and if I ever ask her, "Who is coming over?" Her quick first answer is MEME!

#9 - TALKING!!

This girl can communicate and I LOVE IT!!!!  I decided to try something new and set a timer for 1 hour and listened to her for 1 hour tonight, with no prompting or asking her questions, and this is what she said. It was actually more than I even thought.

6PM - Start
"Momma, all done." (after finishing her dinner)
Mommy, out! (when wanting out of her seat at the table)
"Yea bubba!" (while sitting on the stairs cheering for Carter while he shot baskets)
"No, no, no, no Bubba"
"Mommy, potty."
"Pee Pee prize" (asking me for her reward when she proactively told me)
"Mommy on" (while bringing some dress up clothes to help her put on)
"Necklace, wear it" (asking me to help put it on her)
"Bracelet bubba" (when she found Carter's green bracelet under the couch)
"Sorry bubba!" (After she pinched him)
"Please" (when wanting a car from Carter)
"Wheee.... down" (while sending cars down a race track)
"Mommy, tickle me mommy."
"This... OUT!" (while on her tip toes pointing to the play cash register)
"Money!" (when the drawer opened)
"No work" (when bringing me a toy drill not working)
"Neck... bandaid" and pointing to her neck telling me she hurt it)
"Mommy... screwdriver" (wanting me to help screw in a bolt)
"No! Sit down!" (When I got up to use the restroom)
"Mommy, jump!" (and wanting me to catch her off the couch)
"Addie's turn!" (when wanting to do airplane after her brother)
"Thank you" (after I told her "bless you" after she sneezed)

In the last week she will randomly bust out with her "ABC's," her favorite sections is "Q, R, S, T, U, V ..." She is always singing, "Clean up, clean up" when she is picking up her toys.

#8 - Ella Perkins
These girls have spent nearly every memorable moment together in the last 730 days! With over 1000 pictures documenting their every move, it's fair to say they will have a strong bond once they finally get to the same school in 2022 as they enter Churchill together as freshmen. Although I know most toddlers don't "play together," more and more, we are finding them by themselves on the playground. The fact that they have always gone to the same daycare, has made leaving Addie every day so much easier knowing they have the comfort of each other once there. They, themselves, are the closest thing they may every have to true sisters.

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