Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Addie's Top 10: #7, #6, #5, & #4

She loves going outside completely by herself and exploring and playing. When we get home in the afternoons, she will open the back door, and go throw tennis balls for the dogs for 45 minutes. If we allow her to go out the front, she will yell "park" and take off next door unconcerned if we are in tow. On many recent warm spring nights, while I have the sprinkler running in the backyard, she will sneak out before bath to play in it.
#6. Her Babies & Blanket
Although she isn't obsessed with them, she has taken a stronger liking to them. She really isn't particular except that whatever baby she has must have a blanket, so she can "pat" it night-night. She is really into baby Easton and although she hasn't seen him in 10 days, still talks about him everyday.

#5. Daddy and Mommy. :)
Addie is a daddy's girl (which I truly LOVE!) This is especially true when I am out of town for any length of time or if I am gone in the evening for work. However, it does seem to to work the opposite too! So when Blake has been gone for a while, Addie prefers her mommy when daddy returns (at least for a while!) I tell Blake that is why I really don't mind that he has to travel so much for work... it gives me one-on-one time with the kids that I adore, especially at their ages.

#4. Elmo Books!
What else can you say, Addie LOVES her Elmo and although she gets excited to watch Elmo on TV, she never really sticks around to watch it. She really isn't into TV as much as Carter. She loves to read her books before bed in Carter's bed and then she gets to read her one last one in her own bed!

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