Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Addie's Top 10: #3

#3 - Her Night Time Routine
Consistently over the last year, Addie has a specific order she likes to follow as part of going to bed. After reading books in Carter's bed, we start giving 5 very important kisses! Addie calls out each dog - Maverick and Smokey and subsequently gives them about 5 kisses "night-night!" Then she askes for her "Bubba, " then one last kiss from her daddy and mommy. Since there are a few regular nights where one of us isn't here during this process, we found a remedy that she considers a fine alternative.
After we get all of the babies she wants and doesn't want in her bed, this is my favorite part. The lights were completly out, so the video clip is sound only but this is the sweet voice I get to hear every single night.

She then wants us to "pat" her night night...
She even will "pat" herself to sleep sometimes!

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