Saturday, May 22, 2010

Addie's 2nd "Candy" Birthday - Decorations

Today was the day that had been in planning stages since 2009! I'm not kidding, that is when I threw out the offer to The Perkins to host Addie and Ella's 2nd Birthday party, since Megan Perkins would have a 3 week old at the time. Megan P. and I have had SO much fun planning & hand making every single item at this party from this customized banner to the pull-string pinata, from the cupcake flags to even the party hats and every thing imaginable in between! So this first post is just dedicated to our memory and all the hours of time spent together orchestrating what turned out to be such an amazing 2nd birthday.
We had a slide show of nearly 700 different pictures of the girls together since they were 3 days old playing on the TV during the entire party. The front door sign was our first "craft" we completed together nearly 3 months ago. It set the high level for the party that neither of us shyed away from as it quickly approached.  We made the "candy" as a front yard decoration. 

The candy table was the highlight of the party in my mind. So much thought went into this from the 10 different kinds of candy and the polka dot fabric we found for a table cloth. The "2" pinata Blake found in downtown San Antonio and I turned it into a "pull-string" pinata which was perfect for 2 year olds! 
The buckets were one of our favorite items and my step-sister Julie so graciously cut out all the letters and so many other items for  the party! 
The lemonade and cup setup ended up being one of my very favorite decorations!
Each of the girls had their own cupcake towers. Megan and I made each one of the 50 cupcake flags with all the different sayings along with the 50+ homemade cupcakes for them to go in.
The party hats were definitely on of our more ambitious party projects but now we are professionals of custom fitting toddler's heads and each guest even had it personalized with their own name.
The food consisted of sandwich rolls, lots of fruit, muffins and Cinnamon rolls. The food feature of the morning were the handmade "Peanut Butter and Jelly Lollipop Sandwiches!"
We wrapped the silverware & napkins in candy necklaces!
The centerpieces for the 3 outside tables were dedicated to walking down "memory lane" filled with 12 of our favorite pictures of the girls over the last 2 years!
Here is my partner in crime and I enjoying the party and taking in all the excitement on our daughter's BIG day!


The Dieckmans said...

Holy smokes, you guys are amazing;)

alicia/brandon said...

my goodness!! this is awesome! can i hire you as my party coordinator! :)

Jill said...

ADORABLE!!!! Great job girls!!!

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