Wednesday, May 19, 2010

#1 On Addie's Top 10 List At 2 Years Old!

#1. - Her "Bubba!"

I always knew I wanted my children close in age and I am thankful for our decision every single day. The relationship these two have developed over the last year makes every single long, hard, & exhausting day and night worth it, without a doubt. Although they are 17 months apart in age, they are only 2 pounds different on the scale. They play so well together and I have to give majority of the credit to Carter. I had no idea that a 2 year old, now 3 year old, could be so patient with what can many times be an obnoxious little pester at his heels. He has always handled it so well and now welcomes the constant companionship. Being able to leave the two of them in the game room for 30 minutes at a time, speaks volumes to Carter's easy going and patient personality. They are truly inseparable and are comforted by each other's company. Listening to them hold a conversation in the mornings, over breakfast, and during bath time in the evenings is one of the most incredible feelings I've ever had; my two babies growing up together loving each other.   


dorisgold said...

That post is sooooo incredibly sweet. I just LOVE it!

Travis Krug said...

I love the Top 10 idea. I have enjoyed reading everything. I'm going to have to remember it! Your children are so adorable!

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