Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Magic Ages?!?!

All of our close family and friends know, although Addie is only 17 months behind Carter, she has been a world of difference in our home since she was 1-2 weeks old and we started with her chronic colic every single night from 7-11 PM. Although the colic did finally subside in our sweet girl, it did turn in to many more "learning experiences" for Blake and I that we had NEVER experienced as first time parents to Carter.

It got to the point a couple of months ago, Blake and I were laying in bed on a Sunday night right after we put the kids to bed worn out from a long and exhausting weekend with the kids and had this actual conversation:

(Megan): "Before we go to bed, let's think of 3 good things to say about Addie..... Okay, I 'll start! #1, she is so darn cute looking, at least when we are constantly reprimanding her, she is adorable to look at with that hair and pouty lips."

(Blake): "Darn Megan, you took mine!" pause.... pause.... "Okay I've got one... she is really smart."

(M): "I 100 percent agree, which kinda makes it scarier." pause... pause..... "Ugh, I have to go again, don't I?!"

(B): Yes (And no help from him!)

(M): "She has her teachers at daycare fooled and they think she is well-behaved and the best listener in class."

I'm not kidding, that is the exact conversation we had, trying to end the night on a positive note.

From her dramatic spitting up to her always waking up screaming in the middle of the night at 10-14 months old. From her constantly being sick to her reflux diagnosed finally at 6 months. From her "milk" allergy and having to be on "soy" everything to not wanting to eat solids really until she was 14 months old. From her biting (starting at 11 months) to her constantly hitting her brother for no reason. From her extreme fussiness during the day even at 14 months old to the large random cyst that grew on her back gum while teething, Addie has been a curly haired gift of patience, persistence and problem solving for Blake and I.

Well, over the last 5 weeks, Blake and I have independently been noticing gradual yet consistent improvements in our everyday life at home, mostly from Addie. I am not kidding, we were so nervous about the improvements that we were seeing, that we went weeks before we finally discussed the changes we were seeing in her, as if we were afraid if we spoke them aloud, they would suddenly go away...

The biting has completely stopped along with her randomly hitting or scratching Carter or us when she is frustrated. She can communicate with us so well know. She is so much happier and knock on wood, so healthy the past couple of months, except for that random 24 hour bug. She hardly cries when she has to go "night-night," and instead looks forward to kissing all of us including Maverick and Smokey. She is sleeping through the entire night without an random awakenings filled with crying. Above all, she just wants to be with Carter, next to him or at least in the very same room. Several times a week now, they will be upstairs in the game room playing for up to an hour at a time ALONE & HAPPILY! HEAVEN on EARTH to this mom and dad. So, at least for us, the magic age is 19 months and 37 months!

Here are some very recent (non-posed) scenes from our house in the last couple of weeks to document this milestone.

After I have written all this (mostly for my own record,) I don't want anyone to think it is now perfect in the Brown home, we still have plenty of moments raising these 2 toddlers...


alicia/brandon said...

that is too cute!! I what a great post! and hey she wasn't certainly was a little sweetie when we were there to visit! but we all know we are rougher with our siblings then our friends~ lol! went through the same few months of hitting and screaming around 18 months so I can honestly say that it is short lived and gets sooo much better!! :)

Lauren said...

I hope the magic lasts. We have the opposite problem. Ryan is our challenge, so I was due for an easy one I guess.

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