Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Carter - 38 months & Addie - 21 months ***From just a year ago***
Our date night!
Addison finally got her very own backpack like Carter!
A special book mommy and daddy gave them that has both our voices reading the book to them.
My romantic gift to Blake was a "beer holster," in anticiapation of all the upcoming summer nights outside throwing the ball with the kids... I wanted to make sure he didn't loose his beer (or Addie's sippy cup.) It was a total hit!
Even though MeMe wasn't here this weekend, she left Valentine's for the kids that they loved opening this morning.
Then Grandpa and Ya-Ya came over and gave the kids some sweet, thoughtful Valentine's including what Addie has been asking for, for weeks... her very own umbrella, like Bubba's!
Carter, with his backpack on, getting ready to leave with Ya-Ya and Grandpa to the farm. His pack pack was so heavy, he kept falling over.

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