Sunday, February 7, 2010

Addie's Very First Trip To The Zoo!

I still remember Carter's first trip to the zoo when I was 7 months pregnant with Addie. Today it was little Addie's big day and a big day it was. What an amazing day spent together with MeMe in town visiting. There was so much to do and before we even looked at our watches, it had been over 3 hours and so many memories had been made.
The Hippo exhibit is the coolest thing ever!
Heading to see "Lucky", the elephant!

Feeding the birds was one of the highlights of the morning!

The petting zoo was a huge hit! We all got to feed the animals and brush them!

Most pictures of Addie weren't feeding the goats but rather pulling their tails! Such a silly girl.
Addie trying to wrap her goat up like a baby with her blanket.

Carter acting like a flamingo standing on one foot!

The "Kid Korner" play area was fantastic and something we had never seen before.
"Fishing" inside.
Too worn out for tator tots!

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