Monday, February 22, 2010

Addie's First Trip To Julian Gold

For the ENTIRE 30 years of my life, this store has been like a second home to me.  Many of the same people here remember when I was Addie's age and every single milestone since that point.  My mom has been a buyer for Julian Gold and worked there for well over 35 years and it was such a special moment for the 2 of us to take Addie "shopping" inside for the very first time. She had a total ball!
The jewelry department was a hit and Addie wanted to try on every necklace in sight. She kept choosing the $600 ones... I don't know where does she get that expensive taste?!?
Addie felt very at home in the purse department and even took a few in the dressing room to take a look at in better light.
Then it was time to move upstairs to explore Bridal and Stationary.  It was fun to reminisce that nearly 6 years ago, I was standing on this very same podium trying on and choosing my dream wedding dress.  I wonder if in 25 more years, Addie will be standing on this same spot doing the same?


Jessica Tondre said...

What a great post! Every woman's dream, let alone little girl's! Glad y'all had fun!

alicia/brandon said...

So fun!! Looks like she thoroughly enjoyed herself!

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