Sunday, September 27, 2009


I was looking back at the last month of pictures deciding which ones I would keep. No spectacular super cool pictures but I did notice one common ingredient... our FRIENDS! We are so blessed with the amazing people that make our lives so much fun everyday!

No matter if it is friends we have known since the day we were born or the ones we see every single day at school...

Or the friends we used to see every single day long ago but now we don't get to see enough...
(Blake and Carlos Hernandez)

Or those "forced friendships," where their parents have been such great friends that now it's only natural that they get to celebrate their birthdays side by side each year!
(Carter and Conner Hernandez)

Or those friendships you spend hours just talking and you always leave in tears saying that, "you wished we could only live closer..."

(Alli and Megan)

And again those forced friendships! (because it is important to their mommies! lol)

(Carter and Trey Casey)

Or those, "We're care free and having fun finding things that make noise together" friendships!
(Drew Boerckel and Addie)

Or this is "My best friend in the world and I don't want to go to school if he's not there" friend.

(Carter and Cash McPeak)

Or those important "work colleagues turned mommy friend turned great girl friend" who get the occasional night out to catch up together.

(Amy and me)

Or those best friends "who you can't get enough of because you have so much fun no matter what you are doing together!"


The Perkins Family said...

So sweet Megan! I love that picture of Michael and Blake doing the "booty bump"! :) We'll miss you this week!

Boerckel said...

That was such a nice post... your so clever!

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