Sunday, April 5, 2009

Long Time No See - The Bertoldo Visit!

As many of you know, when Carter was born & I had to go back to work, I was incredibly lucky to have a dear friend from high school and later a college sorority sister, Lauren, offer to take care of Carter. Unfortunately for us, she and her family had to move to College Station for her hubby Nate to pursue the feat of becoming a medical doctor!
Lauren has a now 3 year old son - Ryan, who was 9 months old when Carter started staying with her.
Lauren and Ryan were such an important part of Carter's first year and they experienced so many things together! Like this first trip to the zoo - what 3 month old gets to see elephants!?!?!
This is the boys now - 1 1/2 years since they have been together everyday!
Lauren & Nate have since had a another son - Jackson, who is just 6 days younger than Addie. We finally got them all together for a big play date on Friday... (I bet this week Lauren will post some other cute pics of the play date!) was so fun to see them all interact together and for us to get to reconnect! Lauren is one of my 3 good girlfriends/HEROS that I know of that are FULL TIME STAY AT HOME MOMS! She is an incredible mother and has given me so many awesome tips over the years! Thanks Lauren!
By the way.... Lauren started her own little business to help support her "fun money" while her husband is in medical school. They are very well-made burp clothes, taggies blankets and other great baby items if you need anything! She is going to be selling them at a Regan High School Fundraiser this coming Easter weekend.

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Lauren said...

Thanks for the shout out Megan. I loved the baby pics too. I can't belive how much hair Ryan had and poor Jackson is still pretty bald. Ryan is still talking about Carter and Addison. It makes me sad we can't get together more often.

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