Monday, February 23, 2009


It was Blake's birthday weekend and annual golf weekend with a bunch of his friends. They headed to San Diego for the weekend. Back at home, Carter had a super busy weekend! It started with a fun play date with JD! Here Carter is helping one of his best buddy's climb up the wall... so helpful!

We also pulled out the Bounce House with the beautiful February weather and Avery and Carter found a new way to bounce inside the basketball goals!Look at this "good looking duo"... Addie and I went and visited Mema!Saturday morning, Cash & his mommy came over to hang out. I look forward to all of Carter's play dates as much as he does because all his friends' moms are super cool! Early Saturday morning, I took my "duo" to HEB! They were so cute sitting in the cart together!Here's a trio... on Sunday morning, we got a call from Grandpa Joe and Ya-ya wanted to come and get Carter and take him to the Farm for the afternoon with cousins Macy and Marshall! Carter got to see lots of cows and the family's miniature horse.. Diego!
Our weekend ended with Blake back at home. Ben and Terri invited us over for dinner to celebrate Blake's birthday! Terri made a fantastic chicken gumbo and the boys had a fun time playing! Carter jumped right on this motorized tractor and would not get off!
Happy 31st Blake!

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Lauren said...

I love the shopping cart pic! Ryan thinks he is too big to ride in the cart now. They are growing up to fast!

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