Friday, February 20, 2009

3 Quarters of a Year Already... Please Slow Down!

Addie & I just returned from her 9 month checkup where everything was very good. I can't belive it has already been 9 months. Here are a few things I wanted to write down to remember her by at this wonderful age! And a few pictures of her at 9 months old!
  • Her hair started really growing resulting in some definite curls

  • Eyes are still blue (little hazel in there too!)

  • No teeth just yet

  • Sweet & cuddley temperment

  • Absolutley infatuated with her big brother, a remarkable bond has really started from 8 months & on with both of them

  • She does get upset if she is given to someone else other than mom or dad who is not as familiar

  • Loves her walker and Baby Einstein video each morning

  • Rolls to get some place or something

  • Grabing for everything.... goes from sitting to stomach and onto hands and knees to reach something

  • Loves to be outside

  • Enjoys every veggie and fruit baby food she has tried, eating baby food improved dramitacally, almost overnight, at 8 months

  • At 9 months, comfortably wearing all 12-18 month clothes

  • weight - 21 lbs & 7 oz (90%); length - 29" (90%); head circumference - 47 (>97%)


The Perkins Family said...

Looks like Ella is catching up in the weight department! There used to be 3 pounds there is just 1! Such perfect little girls! :)

The Nash Family said...

She is so much more active since we have seen her. It's amazing how all the "baby fat" melts away.
We can't wait to see ya'll again. We need to plan a trip.

Lauren said...

I agree with you. It is going by too fast. Cute pics.

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