Thursday, July 31, 2008

Carter Asked to "Hold" Addie!

Carter was so cute last night. I was sitting right next to Carter on the couch and holding Addison. Carter tapped me on the arm and held out both his hands and said "Addie." I said "Do you want to hold Addie?" and he quickly nodded and said "Yes."
So I put our 10 week old daughter in our 19 month old's arms and he just held her and kissed her. It was one of the sweetest things I have ever seen.

Everyday Carter's teacher tells me that he is the "sweetest and most cuddly little boy." It melts my heart to see what a good little boy he is already becoming.... so much like his dad!

About 90 seconds later, I went to go pick her up out of his arms and he said "More," and wanted her again! The cutest thing I have ever seen!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun Weekend with Uncle Clint, Jesse, Sean and Kaylee

This weekend we welcomed Blake's twin brother and his fiance Jesse and her 2 sweet kids Sean (5) and Kaylee(2) to San Antonio. We had lots of fun hanging out around the house playing with tons and tons of toys, going swimming at the pool, decorating cookies, playing the piano, playing in the sandbox and outside, going to Momak's to eat and so much more! Right now, everyone is headed for Sea World! As a bonus, Jay and Allyson came to San Antonio to see us before heading back to Houston!

Sean and Kaylee

Jay and Allyson

Friday, July 25, 2008

Saying Goodbye to the Pool Table For a Few Years!

Tonight, Blake and Carter started disassembling the beautiful 50 plus year pool table we have had in our game room, which was Granpa Lance's. Uncle Clint is coming to visit this weekend and will be taking the pool table with him. This is the first big step to turning upstairs into Carter and Addison's True Game Room. The amount of toys that Carter has collected over the last 19 months is overwhelming and we need a place for them just to be kids and to keep our home from being over run with toys everywhere, which will keep mom a much happier camper! Here are some pics of Carter doing what he does best with the pool table at this age.... we taught him to "roll" the pool balls into the holes and he taught us how to brush his hair with the pool table brush!

Cute Rolls

Being a little pudgy is cute at this age. I better document these rolls before they disappear, not that I think they are going anywhere too soon. But they are so adorable! At 2 months and nearly 14 pounds, she still has her baby blue eyes! We think she is beautiful!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Addison is 2 months and a big girl!

Yesterday we went to see the doctor and Addie weighed in at 13 pounds and 7 ounces, which means she is bigger than 98% of other 2 month old babies. I told her that this is the time in life it is really good to be chubby!! She was 23" long (78%), which means she has already grown 3 inches in just 2 months!

The last 8 nights, she has slept 7-8 hours at night! She still won't take a pacifier and still loves her swing. We have decided she is very social and fusses when no one is around her... she doesn't like to be alone!

Here are some recent pictures of her in a cute pair of monogrammed bloomers my friend Emily gave her!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lots of First Smiles and Great Great Friends...

We had such a fun and busy weekend. It started with Addie having her friend Ella over on Friday night (her parents came along too!) We got to take some good pictures of the two good friends now that they are both 2 months old. (Wow... time is flying!)

Addie started smiling late last week and I finally got some great pics of it on Saturday morning. Smiles are the best at this age!

Saturday for lunch, the 4 of us headed to New Braunfels to meet Krista and Scott and their kids - Cade and Maddie for a fun lunch since we hadn't seen them in several months! That was our first time taking both the kids out of San Antonio and to lunch. They were great on the ride home, however the ride up there was not so much fun! While waiting for our food, Carter "jumped" around the restaurant. Just last week he was "practicing" jumping (but only 1 foot would actually leave the ground!) With all that practice he is actually jumping off the ground this week - it is amazing what kids learn on a daily basis!

Saturday night, my good friend Cara had us over for a little party celebrating her sister's visit from New York! Cara is the best hostess ever and spoils Blake and I by fixing us all kinds of great food and bringing it over sometimes! Carter continued his jumping there, this time off stairs! (He is learning where to and not to jump!) - No big accidents thank goodness!

And to continue our fun "friends" weekend... Amy, Carlos and Conner came all the way in from Austin to spend the day with us. Conner is 10 months old and he and Carter had fun playing with trucks and us grownups had a blast talking and catching up!

We finished our hot Sunday afternoon with a dip in the pool to cool off. Wow.. we should all sleep great tonight! Addie has her 2 month check up tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

First Picture Together ALONE!

Blake is out of town tonight and I had an old girlfriend from high school days coming over so I had to have both kids fed, bathed and in good moods by 5 PM, which can be hard to do. But mission accomplished tonight plus I got a great first picture of just the 2 of them... Carter was so awesome! I bought these matching outfits over 3 months ago and Addison is about to bust out of it so I knew it was now or NEVER!!

MiMi's Visit and So Many Clothes So Little Time....

Well, since we have been down our home computer for the last couple of weeks, I have been a a little slow getting pictures posted. MiMi (Diane a.k.a. Blake's mom) came to visit us this past weekend. It was so nice having her here, especially since Addie and I were sick. She was so incredibly helpful with Carter and Addison and even babysat on Saturday night so Blake and I could have our first official "date night" since Addison's birth. How wonderful was it... we ate at the newest restaurant in town - Roaring Fork and it was great! So strange to eat a meal and actually remember what it tasted like!

Since our 8 week old daughter has insisted on growing so fast... she has not only outgrown Newborn clothes but now 0-3 months! So I have had to get serious about dressing her in these millions of outfits she has.. here is a fashion show of some of the most recent!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Random Pictures/Slideshow!

Since Addison has been sleeping so well today (making up for yesterday,) with some of my free time, I have found a website to make slide shows and so this is me testing it out.

Last night was the first time we have been brave enough to put Addison in Carter's lap. And as he surprises us all the time, he was great and held his hands out ready to take her and didn't move at all. I am guessing this peculiar behavior had something to do with Elmo being on TV. It was my first time being in a picture with just the 2 of them! (I know... funny what I consider a big accomplishment these days!)

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Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th with LOTS of 1st's!

Having so much fun at the lake!

Carter and Addison's first Jeep ride on the way to the parad!

Carter dressed up for the 4th for the parade!

Family photo!

Carter's first lolipop... sitting on the John Deere getting ready to start the parade!

We are at the lake house this week and it has been so much fun. Ya-Ya and Grandpa Joe officacilly moved in their brand new house and all 14 of us are breaking it in! We are having so much fun!

Each morning, Grandpa Joe loads the kids in the Jeep and goes and gets breakfast for everyone, this is Carter's first doughnut hole... he kept saying "moooore!"

Marshall and Megan on the Sea-Doo!

Carter and Blake on sea doo!

Carter's first swim in the lake!

Addison's second boat ride and she is just 6 weeks old! The first time was when she was 3 weeks old. She slept the entire time (again!)

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