Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Random Pictures/Slideshow!

Since Addison has been sleeping so well today (making up for yesterday,) with some of my free time, I have found a website to make slide shows and so this is me testing it out.

Last night was the first time we have been brave enough to put Addison in Carter's lap. And as he surprises us all the time, he was great and held his hands out ready to take her and didn't move at all. I am guessing this peculiar behavior had something to do with Elmo being on TV. It was my first time being in a picture with just the 2 of them! (I know... funny what I consider a big accomplishment these days!)

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KK said...

Great job! KK needs to come play!

Lauren said...

I love that picture too! What a sweet brother.

Tracie said...

your family is just beautiful! carter has gotten so big since i saw him last with lauren. and congrats on that baby girl. what a cutie!!

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