Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lots of First Smiles and Great Great Friends...

We had such a fun and busy weekend. It started with Addie having her friend Ella over on Friday night (her parents came along too!) We got to take some good pictures of the two good friends now that they are both 2 months old. (Wow... time is flying!)

Addie started smiling late last week and I finally got some great pics of it on Saturday morning. Smiles are the best at this age!

Saturday for lunch, the 4 of us headed to New Braunfels to meet Krista and Scott and their kids - Cade and Maddie for a fun lunch since we hadn't seen them in several months! That was our first time taking both the kids out of San Antonio and to lunch. They were great on the ride home, however the ride up there was not so much fun! While waiting for our food, Carter "jumped" around the restaurant. Just last week he was "practicing" jumping (but only 1 foot would actually leave the ground!) With all that practice he is actually jumping off the ground this week - it is amazing what kids learn on a daily basis!

Saturday night, my good friend Cara had us over for a little party celebrating her sister's visit from New York! Cara is the best hostess ever and spoils Blake and I by fixing us all kinds of great food and bringing it over sometimes! Carter continued his jumping there, this time off stairs! (He is learning where to and not to jump!) - No big accidents thank goodness!

And to continue our fun "friends" weekend... Amy, Carlos and Conner came all the way in from Austin to spend the day with us. Conner is 10 months old and he and Carter had fun playing with trucks and us grownups had a blast talking and catching up!

We finished our hot Sunday afternoon with a dip in the pool to cool off. Wow.. we should all sleep great tonight! Addie has her 2 month check up tomorrow!

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