Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Carter working on both hands dribbling!

Most everyone knows how obsessed with 'Balls' Carter has been since he was 9 months old. He has been bouncing balls since he could stand, for well over 4 months now. Everyone that sees him is in disbelief! I guess because Blake and I have never been around a 12-16 month old before we never knew what was normal or not.

Here are a couple of videos of Carter doing what he loves more than anything.... bouncing, dribbling and shooting basketballs!


vhartt said...

Blake and Megan, OH MY!! I can't beleive how smart Carter is and how beautiful. You ought to send this video in to david letterman or goodmorning America. I just love the baby's room too! I am very happy for you all and hope to be able to see you again soon. Congradulations on your new baby as well.

Lauren said...

Carter has got some game! Put a Spurs jersey on him and send it to the SA news.

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