Thursday, February 28, 2008

The BIG 3-0 for Blake

February has been a busy month for us because Blake turned 30 and I threw him a BIG surprise party with 50 of his family and friends. His mom, brother Clint, sister Heather, and brother-in-law Chris, all made the long trip in to surprise him at Longhorn Cafe. Megan and Mike Perkins were in on it and helped me get him there without ever figuring anything out.

They got him with silly string when he walked in...

Carter taking it all in, of course with a ball in hand!

Clint and Scott came all the way in to celebrate! Blake was so surprised.

They all 3 share February 21 for their birthday's.

Carter is such an incredibly HUGE "daddy's boy" at this age!

Carter at 14 months! Look at these dark beautiful eyes...

Later that weekend, we all went to Freebirds for lunch!

Also, this month, Blake and I helped host a "Couple's Baby Shower" for Megan and Mike and "Baby Perkins!" We still don't know what they are having... I hope for a little girl for Addie to grow up with. ;)

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