Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Carter's Nursery

Diane, my mom and I have had such a wonderful time designing Carter's nursery. Our inspiration came from this great checkered fabric my mom found. Diane made them into long drapes and my mom handmade the crib skirt with the same fabric.
I ordered this coordinating blue on blue (like the fabulous walls) fabric and got the rocking glider chair covered with it. Speaking of the walls, they were such a labor of love for our unborn child. Blake and I joke that we have never fought like we did while hand painting these walls together over the last couple of months. What started out as a 1 wall project quickly turned into a huge entire room project when I loved the understated look so much. If Carter ever wants to paint his room when he gets older, you bet, we will put up a fight! ;)
Both of these items hanging are Blake's when he was a toddler. I can't wait to see Carter in them! Blake stained all the bookshelves in the room to match the dresser. I bought all the furniture planning on Carter using it all the way through college.
The cradle that is under the window was Joe's when he was a baby and also his father's. It is said to be close to 100 years old. We love it and look forward to having it in our bedroom for a few weeks right when we bring Carter home from the hospital.
My goal was to keep his room simple and not "baby-ish." I once was told that you should make the nursery more for youself since you are the one that will spend so much time in there with a newborn baby! It will be fun to see how it fills up with personal items of Carter's, as he gets older.

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